About us
The Indian Professional Boxing Association is a National Boxing Governing Body that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards national and subordinate championships. The IPBA is a member organization of the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Organization, the International Boxing Federation and the Pan Asian Boxing Association.

The IPBA aim and endeavour is to bring this sport in India at par with other sports so that the athletes get the best facilities and improve their standard of life. The team at IPBA is striving hard to structure a foundation for this sport based on international standards for the athletes in India who aspire to be professional boxers. The IPBA with its determination and hard work has been recognized by the International boxing fraternity as the one engaged in pioneering the promotion of professional boxing. This legitimates the operation of IPBA in relevance to the International standards. Since the first national boxing championship in 1950, India has not established any platform for professional boxers. But now, IPBA aspires to revolutionize the Professional Boxing sport in India.

The IPBA plans to not only make the transition of Indian athletes from amateur boxing to the world of professional boxing a smooth affair but also reform how the game is managed. The IPBA will not only take care of professional boxing at the national level but would also ensure Indian professionals make their presence felt at the international level as well.

The IPBA wants the world to see India as a premiere breeding ground of power sports in the world of sports. After a long wait of 65 Years, India is stepping into Professional Boxing.